Three Useful Tips for Playing Live Roulette

When playing at a live online casino, not many people know how to win at roulette and there is no sure thing on how to win. However, there is surely several tips that can help you be a successful roulette player. Read through our three tips for playing live roulette.

Choose the Right Live Roulette Variation

Live casinos don’t offer many different live roulette variations. In most cases, you will find the standard ones including French, American, and European. However, you should avoid the American variation and always go for the European or French with the “en prison” or “la partage” rules. The house edge in a French roulette with these rules is significantly lower, around only 1.35%.

Don’t Waste Your Money If Not Understand the Odds

The highest bet in roulette is the single number bet, and the majority of unskilled roulette players go by betting big bucks on a single number. This is also the worst way to play this game since the chances for the ball to hit that certain number are incredible in comparison to what you can achieve by playing more numbers. Therefore, the rule is that the more numbers you bet, the higher the chances to win. Rather than placing your chip on a single number, divide it into several different numbers. When playing roulette, try to cover entire groups of numbers, columns, and rows.

Don’t Count on Betting Systems

Betting systems are supposed to work only on the long-term run, meaning that you would need a large bankroll, which is uneasy and unacceptable for most players. Mostly not anyone would want to spend hours playing games just so the system can start to be useful. Remember that no betting system has been proved to work. If you follow the professionals’ advice, you will notice that they point to them as being mostly useless in reality and prove to be unfavorable even on mathematical level.

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