The Four Most Popular Types of Roulette


Most of you may have heard the two different types of roulette wheel layouts: American and European Roulette. But there are other different types in greater depth, include:

Double ball Roulette

Double ball roulette first appeared in Las Vegas. As the name suggests, it is sane with normal roulette but consisting of two balls. With an extra ball bouncing, bias analysis players can obtain data twice more quickly. However, bias analysis is not the most effective professional roulette strategy method.

French Roulette

This type uses the European wheel format but has a difference that is some of the betting options on the betting table. The additional options are most commonly called the race track and are shown on the race track bets page. The bets allow players to cover particular sections of the wheel.

Mini Roulette

This type features a wheel with 13 numbers, including numbers from 1 to 12, and a zero. There are different forms of mini roulette. For instance, it consists of a real physical wheel and ball. Or there can be no ball at all, and the static marker where the wheel stops determines the winning number.

RNG mini roulette

RNG mini roulette doesn’t feature any physical wheel or ball. Such forms are no different from slot machines, but with especially bad payouts and odds for players. Remember that fewer numbers don’t increase your chance of winning.


Rapid Roulette

Floor space is revenue to any casino. So every casino needs to carefully consider the revenue generated for each square foot of the floor space. There may be no game that is more profitable for casinos than slot machines. However, having a casino with full slot machines is boring. So casinos usually offer various options, such as roulette.

But roulette tables can get crowded and spins may become less frequent. This limits the revenue of the casino. Rapid roulette solves this problem.

Typically, it involves a real roulette wheel that can be spun within view of players, except players place their bets on a touch screen.

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