Instructions to effectively play roulette in an online casino (Part 2)

To bet on the color

Players are often in a difficult situation when choosing colors to bet, although only two types of colors to bet are red or black. The chance of winning will be equally divided by 50% for both colors. Players should pay attention when betting you should bet on a certain color.

In addition, players can also play free online Roulette as long as you place a bet at a door on the outside of the board. At this point, the player will always have the same chance to win a bet for a color to immediately take place.

To bet on numbers

A way to bet between 1 and 18 and 19 to 36. In general, the guide to playing Roulette online is to bet with an amount of the same value as the bet on the color. Players can only bet once or at most twice on the numbers in the bet range.

With betting in rows

In either color or theoretical betting, both have the same principle. Because if a player places a bet on the first row and wins, then keep the first bet, and if you lose then bet again with the same amount of money lost. When you double the bet and place it again, this time the player only needs to be lucky to be able to get back all the money lost.

With this game, the instruction to play Roulette online is relatively simple and very easy to play. These are the most accurate and very complete instructions for online Roulette game after the player has finished consulting and understanding how to play Roulette online in this article, then you can play at every casino that in That’s Roulette.

Instructions to effectively play roulette in an online casino. Wish you all the best of luck to win.

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