Instructions to effectively play roulette in an online casino (Part 1)

In this article, we wil provide you with the instructions to effectively play roulette in an online casino. This tutorial on playing online Roulette will give quite detailed instructions on how to play Roulette interesting and interesting.

Instructions to play Roulette online

The online game of Roulette begins by rotating a small ball around the wheel with 37 numbers. When the wheel stops, the ball lands in one of the boxes above.

The fun of this game is that players have to predict exactly which square the ball will hit. By guessing the number that the ball falls incorrectly, the player will win the bet. The payout depends on the betting types the player places.

Guide and tips

To select the amount you want to bet in the guide to play online Roulette by left-clicking on the icon with a coin value of the bet and drag and drop to the betting position in the online Roulette table. To select a bet where the coin of the same face value is not available, simply select 1 coin of this face value and combine with 1 coin at another price.

Players can also choose a variety of bet types at the online Roulette table. In each bet type, there will be a different sequence of numbers and different payout values. For each short row, there are only three numbers called the row to bet on the online Roulette table, while in the long row and each row has 12 numbers and will be called a column.

With the first 5 types of bets made by numbers and rows, for columns it is called an inner bet, on the other hand, the last 3 types of bets are made up of pretty special boxes on the bottom and left side of the Online Roulette table is called an outside bet.

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