Experience the Yggdrasil Golden Chip Roulette

When entering the casino, Roulette tables are always one of the most crowded areas. This is because Roulette has a very simple rules, high payouts.

Golden Chip Roulette is a product from the famous game publisher Yggdrasil with many new improvements that will give players more victories. Let’s find out about Golden Chip Roulette in the article below.

Golden Chip Roulette Online Review + Play for Free or Real Money

Game publisher Yggdrasil has released the blockbuster Golden Chip Roulette. Remaining the features of traditional Rolette, but Golden Chip Roulette will give players a stimulating and fascinating experience from the first steps.

Whenever you place a straight bet, your chip will turn into a Golden Chip. Although your chip value remains the same, any winning bets for the selected number will be paid out using the Golden Chip multiplier.

In general, Golden Chip Roulette will give you more chances to win and a more dramatic feeling than normal Roulette. If you are a longtime player, you should try the Golden Chip Roulette. Hopefully all the detailed reviews of Golden Chip in the article above will bring you useful information.

Every time you spin the Golden Chip with any bet type, the inner roulette will generate one of the Golden Chip Multipliers for the spin. So instead of winning the classic 35-1 for a single number. You get a random win paid at odds of 10 to 500 times your big bet.

Golden casino theme. casino roulette, poker chips on a gaming ...

The spin speed is designed to perfectly simulate reality while creating more precise shots that will help the player to have more victories. Smooth graphics and realistic sound effects will give players the feeling of being in a real casino.

Particularly numbers are not green. In American style roulette is zero and double zero. The order of numbers on the roulette wheel follows the clockwise sequence as follows in most casinos.

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