Epic Roulette Strategies

Most people see Roulette as a game of chance, namely because you bet on a ball landing on a particular section of a wheel. However, excellent players have uncovered great strategies that can give you the upper hand when playing the game.

So if you fancy taking a couple spins on the wheel, consider using the following strategies next time you visit a casino:

Play Multiple Numbers

Roulette offers the opportunity to bet on either a single number or multiple numbers.

One trick is to bet on numbers located at different parts of the wheel. This ensures a degree of safety in case the ball lands there.

The more you bet, the bigger the jackpot, so be sure to place your bets on the numbers you’re feeling lucky about.

Pick a Lucky Number

Once in the casino, choose a table with low minimum bets and big maximum bets. Select your lucky number, red or black, high or low, and start with a small bet.

If you win the first round, place the same bet for the second round.

If you are not so lucky the first time around, double your initial bet, and keep going until you win. Of course, this method has its risks, and you may end up not winning money (or even losing some), but it is worth trying.

Play Safe

If you want to conserve your money and play for a longer time, here is a strategy that will interest you.

While you play, you can choose to raise your bet by an increment of one after you win, while reducing your bet by one after you lose. This strategy ensures higher chances of winning, while at the same time keeping your losses to a minimum.

After all, the more chips you have in front of you, the longer you can watch that magic wheel spin.