Characteristics of Live Online Roulette

With so many kinds of roulette offered by various casinos these days, it can be challenging for gamblers to differentiate between them. However, upon closer look, you will find that all these different variations are unique in their own way.

Below are several of the characteristics that distinguish live roulette from other variations of the game.

Live Staff and Actual Equipment

Roulette players who prefer the real thing don’t have to visit a real-world casino. In a live layout, there are live dealers and actual betting tables. Usually, the setting is a basic studio-like room set aside for gaming purposes.

The HD cameras surrounding the tables and wheels give players all the excitement of a live experience. The presence of live staff at these games is what gives live roulette its own unique appeal.

Real Wheel Spins

Usually, in virtual games, outcomes are computer-generated. However, in live games, the wheel spins while you watch, and the outcome plays out right before your eyes.

Before the wheel is spun, every player has the chance to place their bets.

A timer that appears on the player’s screen indicates how much time remains to place their bets. Once that time elapses, the wheel is spun.

Human Contact

While placing your wagers, you can talk to the staff through a chatbox, while operators will answer all your queries. Response times at live casinos are also fast, as long as the croupier isn’t too busy and can address your concerns.

Some casinos even offer virtual tip boxes where you can tip the operators as you would at a real-world casino.

Players, however, are not obliged to tip the dealers. But having some human contact makes the experience all that more enjoyable.

So if you are a gambling purist, live online roulette is the game for you.