Guide to Playing Roulette

For several decades, roulette games have attracted the attention of casino players. Glamour, excitement, fun, and mystery all contribute to the game’s timeless allure.

Globally, roulette is extremely popular at online, live, and real-world casinos. Gamblers like roulette because the rules are simple and easy to follow.

However, serious gambling enthusiasts, along with anyone who does not want to lose their shirt, must first master the basics. The following guidelines will help you understand the basic rules and requirements of this classic casino game:

Inside and Outside Bets

Roulette players must understand the various types of pockets in the roulette wheel. Once they have done so, then can predict where, usually at a wide margin of error, the ball will most likely drop.

Therefore, consider checking both the outside bets and the inside pockets when placing your wager.

The inside pocket consists of numbers (from 1 to 36), while the outside bets are marked by colors (red and black). The inside pocket involves many numbers, thus reducing one’s chances of winning.

Winning by placing bets on the outside pocket, however, is much easier, since you’re only betting on red or black.


Roulette players place their bets before the ball is dropped. But you can still place your bets while the reels are spinning.

Players first must inquire from the dealer, and, if it’s allowed, the gambler can place their bet where they please. Dealers, therefore, are responsible for calling when bets can still be made.

Other players can’t stop you from placing a bet while the wheels are still spinning if the dealer approves it.


Just like other casino games, discipline must be observed when playing roulette. Punters should conduct themselves well; interference with other players is not acceptable.

For instance, shouting at another player may prevent them from placing a crucial bet. Moreover, casinos generally don’t allow players to point at the table while the wheel is still going round and round.